Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EVoke is an open and scalable cloud platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy management, and grid interaction. 

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Who Is EVoke For?

Whether you drive an EV, operate an EV fleet, or manage an electric utility, EVoke has something to offer.

This includes tools and features such as our EV mobile app, which simplifies EV charging; our EV Operator Dashboard, which provides real-time visibility into your charging stations; EV DR, which provides utility operators with a low-cost dispatchable resource; and, best of all, 24/7 support from our team of in-house experts.

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

For Apartments

Modern residents want convenient and reliable EV charging. Our solutions are compatible with all common EVs and provide a single source for managing resources and making payments.

For Institutions

As innovation hubs, universities and other educational institutions are at the forefront of the EV revolution. We streamline usage of this valuable amenity for students, staff, and visitors.

For Fleets

EVoke makes it easy to charge your EV fleets, and smart charging ensures you have all the information you need in one location to keep your costs down.

For Utilities

EVs are becoming one of the largest flexible loads on the U.S. grid. EVoke allows utilities to remotely monitor and manage charging and adapt to a rapidly evolving generation portfolio.

What Is Smart EV Charging?

One of the most direct means to minimize the challenges of rapid EV adoption while simultaneously enhancing energy reliability and resiliency is to support interactive communication and coordination between grid operators, EV chargers and charging stations, and EV drivers.