EVoke Systems Announces Development of Open APIs for Managed Electric Vehicle Charging

Power Broker, an innovative open API framework, will provide real-time insight into the impact of EV charging on local electric distribution systems and coordinate dialing down EV charging to contribute to overall grid reliability and resiliency.

TAMPA FL, October 12, 2022 – EVoke Systems, in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory, announced today a research project to develop and pilot Power Broker, a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging.

To mitigate the impact EV charging growth will have on local electric power demand, the Power Broker API framework uses the concept of energy services contracts to convey energy information exchanges and financial transactions. Real-time pricing adjustments incentivize charge station operators and drivers to reduce demand during extreme weather conditions or other unanticipated grid events, which will contribute to increased reliability and resiliency of the grid. 

While the electricity grid can accommodate the increased power demand for EV charging, there are times, locations and events when utilities are challenged to meet peak demand—especially during extreme weather. The expected growth of commercial EV fleets will impact local power demand which can exceed safety limits or result in deterioration of power quality. Managing EV charging in real-time can significantly reduce these risks and contribute to overall grid reliability and resiliency.

“Although our focus is on EV charging, the coordination and control services allow grid operators to dispatch any flexible DER resources into utility planning and operations across a service territory or within a specific section of a local distribution area,” said Raymond Kaiser, CIO at EVoke.

EVoke Systems, based in Tampa, FL, offers an open and scalable cloud-based platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging, energy management, and grid interaction. EVoke works with EV charger hardware OEMs and its channel partners to enable real-time, interactive communication, control, and coordination between site hosts, EV charging stations, EV drivers, and grid operators.

Argonne National Laboratory seeks solutions to pressing national problems in science and technology. Argonne conducts leading-edge basic and applied scientific research in virtually every scientific discipline. Argonne researchers work closely with researchers from hundreds of companies, universities, and federal, state and municipal agencies to help them solve their specific problems, advance America’s scientific leadership and prepare the nation for a better future. 


Adam Miller, CRO, EVoke Systems