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EVoke’s cloud-based solutions for smart EV charging help stabilize the grid and boost revenue for groups that invest in renewable energy. Our comprehensive platform lets you manage on-site solar, energy storage, grid integration, and EV charging assets.

EV Solutions

Drive an EV? The EVoke mobile app simplifies day-to-day charging by letting you:

  • Locate the nearest available charger
  • Easily make payments
  • Check your charging activity
  • Receive notifications when your vehicle is fully charged

Our Operator Dashboard gives you real-time visibility into your charging network, so you can:

  • Learn how many EV chargers are in use and available
  • Get status updates on out-of-service chargers, including the length of the outage
  • Manage real-time energy demand, cost, and GHG emissions reductions

EVoke provides drivers and operators with dedicated support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Operators can immediately identify when a charger is not working and either resolve the issue remotely or dispatch a service provider.
  • Drivers can call a toll-free number or use a chat service to easily resolve any charge station access issues.

Our platform minimizes the demand for chargers, offering valuable grid services such as:

  • Demand response
  • Peak shaving
  • Non-wire alternatives
  • Ancillary services


The EVoke network software will work with any charger that is certified OCPP 1.6J compliant or higher.

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We can also provide custom solutions for: