EV Smart charging for Apartments and Condos

Increase your property values and attract tenants through EV Chargers

Bring Smart EV Charging Home

With EVoke, residents of apartment and condo complexes can charge EVs right from designated parking spots and use our mobile app to track charging, pay bills, and access customer support.

Why Smart EV Charging?

With cars parked approximately 90 percent of the time at home or work, complexes offering a modern, sought-after EV charging amenity serve both residents’ and visitors’ needs. There are many reasons to implement EV charging technology and stations at your apartment or condo beyond simply supporting the future of energy.

Benefits of EV charging:

  • Generate additional revenue by utilizing pay per use options while prioritizing tenant access
  • Increase property value
  • Leverage utility and state financial incentives
  • Achieve sustainability goals through green building certification programs

EVs are on the rise, so more residents want to charge their vehicles at home. Once installed, our cloud-based software lets you seamlessly track utilization and monitor cost, revenue, and performance.

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