Deploy a smart EV charging station at your hotel and retail stores

Let your customers charge up while they are shopping and dining

Drive more customers with smart EV charging station

Hotels, retailers, and restaurants who offer EV charging are more desirable destinations for EV drivers. EV charging stations appeal to the discriminating customers who are looking for a one-stop option to shop, eat, and relax. 

Benefits of Smart EV charging stations at your store:

  • Provide employee and customer incentives by prioritizing fast charging capabilities
  • Attract repeat business by giving customers a place to charge and to stay longer
  • Create consumer confidence and loyalty by presenting your company as a sustainable brand 
  • Increase property values and generate additional revenue 
  • Obtain rebates under federal and state sustainability programs

EVoke’s network lets drivers quickly locate your business. It provides real-time station usage data while controlling energy costs.


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