Smart Charging For Utilities

Get in on the Ground Floor of the EV Revolution

Smart charging management is one of the most direct ways to minimize the challenges of rapid EV adoption while at the same time enhancing energy reliability and resiliency. This capability supports interactive communication and coordination between grid operators, EV chargers, charging stations, and EV drivers.

Why Smart EV Charging?

EVoke’s grid-friendly charging solutions incorporate an interactive driver app, energy management tools, and data analytics to connect and manage all compatible hardware. This platform benefits utilities, site hosts and EV drivers alike, allowing you to:

  • Support the transition to transportation electrification 
  • Optimize power flow and minimize congestion management with smart charging
  • Use data analytics to set flexible time-of-use rates as needed
  • Integrate EV charging as a least-cost dispatchable resource into daily operations
  • Enhance collaboration and investment by EV ecosystem stakeholders 

Utilities gain more opportunities to work with site hosts, service providers, and others to optimize EV charging for the mutual benefit of EV drivers, EV hosts, and grid operations. 

As commercial EV fleets emerge, new challenges will develop. EV fleet charging facilities will likely be concentrated at seaports, airports, and other retail and wholesale transportation distribution centers.

Existing substations, transformers, and conductors may not be able to accommodate an unplanned increase in demand, particularly depending on the time of day—charging may occur after normal business hours and lead to higher evening demand peaks.

Thankfully, advanced communications tech and the solid-state power conversion electronics of EV chargers can not only mitigate the potential impact of new loads but also provide valuable grid services. 

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