Smart EV charging solution for your workplaces

More and more highly valued workers in forward-thinking industries are investing in the future by acquiring EVs. And that means more drivers want to be able to charge where they work.

Smart EV charging management solutions:

In today’s highly competitive hiring market employees look at their total rewards and benefits, including programs and other company perks. Offering EV charging stations is another value-added benefit that can help employers attract and retain top talent.

Benefits of EV charging stations at the workplace:

  • Contribute to increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Demonstrate a commitment to identifying and addressing climate solutions 
  • Decrease CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions thereby achieving sustainability goals
  • Utilize state and federal tax credits under sustainability incentives and programs 
  • Minimize energy costs by flattening demand and avoiding peak demand charges 
  • Offer employees who drive EVs a convenient and easily accessible way to charge their cars while at work 

Through our open, cloud-based platform, EVoke provides you with advanced functionality for monitoring and managing the utilization and costs associated with your hosted charging stations.

Are you ready to power up your employees at the workplace? EVoke ensures optimum uptime and reliability with station health tracking in real time.

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